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Last updated: April 26th, 2024

1. General

These terms (hereinafter the Terms of Use) regulate the usage of the platform created and run by in4play OÜ, registry code no. 14946494, registered address Tööstuse tn 85-38, 10416 Tallinn (hereinafter in4play), and used thereof by the Client.

The platform is available on the website of in4play at (hereinafter in4play’s Platform).

When signing up on the Platform, you will be asked to confirm that you have read and you accept these Terms of Use. The Terms of Use constitute a legal agreement between you and in4play. If you do not agree with the Terms of Use, you have no right to use the Platform.

Please read the following terms carefully before you start using the services of in4play. Upon accepting the Terms of Use, you confirm that you are old enough to be legally allowed to play gambling and authorized to enter into contractual relationships on your behalf. You do not have the right to use the services of in4play if you do not agree with the Terms of Use.

in4play reserves the right to unilaterally amend the Terms of Use. Amendments will enter into force after their upload to and will be sent to your registered email to notify you of the changes. Using the services of in4play after amendment of the Terms of Use is considered as consenting to the amended Terms of Use. Thus, it is advisable to check the Terms of Use and privacy policy of in4play in order to stay informed of possible amendments.

You can contact in4play via email at [email protected] or via post address Tööstuse tn 85-38, 10416 Tallinn, Estonia.

2. Definitions

Client natural person or legal entity who uses in4play’s Platform on his/her own behalf.
Client’s country the country in which the Client accesses the in4play’s Platform and/or the country in which the Client accesses the in4play’s Partner’s website
Privacy Policy terms that regulate the use of the personal data and cookies on the in4play’s Platform
in4play’s Partner in4play’s cooperation partners who offer online gambling services or e-wallets
in4play’s Platform platform offered by in4play in order to allow natural persons or legal entity to receive services related to online gambling
Terms of Use terms that regulate the use of the services provided by in4play

3. in4play’s Platform

3.1. The substance of in4play’s Platform is to establish the environment of where Clients are able to receive services related to online gambling. Please note that in4play is not acting as a gaming operator itself.

3.2.  in4play’s Platform offers the following services:

3.2.1.   Gambling affiliation service concerning poker, sports betting, and casino (“Affiliation service”).

3.3.  All prices shown on the in4play’s Platform include VAT.

4. Affiliation service

4.1. in4play does not organize any gambling activities itself. Any affiliation service is an intermediary service and, hence, offered through in4play’s cooperation partners.

4.2. By using the Affiliation services, the Client understands that although in4play chooses its Partners carefully, then in4play cannot be held liable for the activity of in4play’s Partners’ websites. Such activity includes, for example, the closure of the site, the blocking of funds, technical incidents, requests for verification, and fraud.

4.3. In addition, it is the sole responsibility of the Client to ensure that their use of the in4play’s Partners’ websites is in accordance with the legal requirements of the Client’s country.

5. Warranties, responsibilities, prohibitions

5.1. It is prohibited to give false information to in4play. in4play assumes that the data submitted by the Client is correct.

5.2. The Client warrants that:

5.2.1. he/she is old enough according to the local laws;

5.2.2.  all the data provided is true and correct;

5.2.3. he/she agrees that his/her personal data would be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy;

5.2.4. any information to be provided shall not be unlawful, illegal, and does not infringe the rights of any third parties.

5.3. in4play warrants that:

5.3.1. the purpose of in4play’s Platform is to offer Clients services related to online gambling, but not to act as an online gambling operator;

5.3.2. in4play uses Client’s personal data only for legitimate and clearly defined purposes specified in the Privacy Policy;

5.3.3. in4play uses all necessary technical and organizational means to assure that applicable personal data security regulations are followed;

5.3.4. all personal data are protected from accidental or unlawful destruction, unauthorized alteration, disclosure, and any other unlawful processing. All in4play’s Platform account passwords are secured.

5.4. The Client agrees not to disclose, transmit or post to in4play any wrong, misleading, or incorrect information and undertakes to use in4play’s Platform for the intended purpose.

6. Registered clients

6.1. Access to in4play’s Platform is available to all Clients.

6.2. In order to become a registered Client, you need to create an account.

6.3 By registering, you warrant that all the information you provide to in4play as part of the registration procedure is true and complete.

6.4. Registered Clients must keep their Client names and passwords confidential.

6.5. The owner of the account is responsible for any activity on in4play’s Platform arising out of any failure to keep Client’s account details confidential and may be held liable for any losses arising out of such a failure.

6.6. Using any other person’s Client name and password to access in4play’s Platform is prohibited.

6.7. The owner of the account must notify in4play in writing immediately of any unauthorized use of Client’s account.

6.8. in4play may disable Client names and passwords, delete accounts, and delete any information associated with an account, at our sole discretion without notice or explanation in case of any infringement of these Terms of Use or legal acts.

7. Liability of in4play

7.1. in4play is not liable for the correctness of data transmitted by the Client.

7.2. in4play is not liable for the communications and transactions between the Clients, if not otherwise mandatorily prescribed by law.

7.3. It shall be noted that in4play’s Platform contains links to other persons’ or legal entities’ websites and in4play is not responsible for the content of such websites or their privacy policy. Therefore, before providing his/her personal data on such websites, the Client should familiarize itself with the privacy policy, terms and conditions, and other rules applied by each other website.

8. Privacy and personal data. Use of Cookies.

8.1. in4play is responsible for processing personal data and for the use of cookies on the in4play’s Platform. More information concerning the processing of personal data and the use of cookies can be found in in4play’s Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

9. Governing law. Resolution of disputes

9.1. These Terms of Use and the obligations arising from or related to them are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

9.2. Any and all disputes arising from or related to the Terms of Use will be settled by the parties by way of negotiations. If the parties fail to come to an agreement, the parties have the right to lodge a claim to court.

9.3. In case the dispute between the parties is to be resolved in judicial proceedings, the parties agree to refer the dispute to Harju County Court in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

9.4. The above clauses shall not affect the rights of consumers regarding jurisdiction.